Friday, December 23, 2011

Technology as a disabler

I thought using an external hark disk for keeping my resumes, official files, photos and music was the smart thing to do. Until it crashed. I'm now left ruing my decision. Forget the official stuff, the more important loss has been that of the photos and mp3 files. I'm now looking for a vendor who can fix the disk for me.

The irony of it all - photos taken during my parents' childhood days are still available, good as new; photos I took 4 years back are gone.

So is technology enabling us or disbling us ?

Friday, December 9, 2011

India tour of Australia: 2011-2012

The Indian cricket team will be touring Australia for a 2.5 month(!!) 4 test match, 2 T20 matches and a Triangular series involving Sri Lanka. A mouth-watering prospect for me. Former test players like Adam Gilchrist opine that this might be India's best chance to register their first test series triumph down under. Australia is not the force they once were and they are in the process of rebuilding.

Key bats including Tendulkar and Laxman have already left for Australia to give themselves a better chance to acclimatize themselves to the bouncy tracks there. Don't remember anything like this happening in the recent past. If not anything else, this tells me that the Indian team management also recognizes that this could be their best chance to take a test series in Australia.

It's been a roller-coaster ride for India since their World cup win. They lost miserably to England in England and then returned the favour at home. They have now beat West Indies comfortably. So they have not exactly been consistent. That's the exact opposite of what they need to be in order to do well in Australia. The bowling department will be weak and inexperienced without Zaheer Khan. His inclusion is in doubt. That's added pressure on the fab four - Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman and Sehwag. So Dhoni has his task cut out.

For sure, it will be keenly contested. I suspect Australia's relative inexperience combined with their home advantage makes them equals against an Indian team packed with batting superstars some of whom are suspect against pace.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bihar Assembly Elections 2010 Results

The verdict is out. Nitish Kumar, along with the BJP, scored a landslide victory. They took 206 of the available 243 seats. A phenomenal 85% ! Amazing.
The Bihar electorate, including the illiterate amongst it, has understood that Lalu's caste politics will not cut ice anymore. I agree with Nitish Kumar when he says that this victory, more than anything else, is a victory for the people of Bihar.

I hope these elections are a precursor for the assembly elections coming up elsewhere in the country too (TN for instance). I hope these elections will be a trend setter.
I'd earlier said that these elections will be a barometer to the maturity levels of Bihar's electorate. I'm glad they have come out with flying colours.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

VVS again !

VVS. I just can't seem to stop coming back to VVS ! His last three innings have been match saving/winning ones for India (SL, Aus, NZ). The most under-rated person ever to play for India, possibly the world.
He is an expert playing with the tail. He is an expert playing for time. He is an expert in wearing the bowlers out. He is an expert in, well, test match batsmanship.
India stand to lose more when VVS finally decides to retire than when Tendulkar decides to retire.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Obama's India Visit

Why should Corporate India plead with Obama to consider encouraging American companies to outsource to India ? After all Obama is doing what he thinks is right to protect American interests.

The Americans were the first to advocate a free-market mindset as a matter of state policy. Even then, they advocated this policy because they thought Americans stood to benefit; not because they had Indian interests in mind. Then, it was below the dignity of many Americans to take up jobs like data entry and back office processing and thought they were best outsourced to developing markets. This policy has now turned round and has started to bite them. Now suddenly it is no longer just jobs at the lower end of the spectrum that have begun to flow out of America. Americans are becoming concerned - and justifiably so, if you ask me.

So what is more natural than politicians beginning to take the cause up, with an eye on votes ? Politicians will be politicians - whether in India or America

So, Narayan Murthy was right. It is about time the pampered Indian software and BPO industries (think SEZs, tax holidays etc) woke up to the reality and started behaving in a more matured way, as befits them. They have no birthright on getting American contracts. They need to work for it, just like anybody else.
In the end, as anywhere else, the fittest will survive.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ICC's undercover agents

Even if ICC's idea to circulate undercover spies posing as bookies doesn't take off, I think the very concept must have brought in wariness amongst the rotten-apple fraternity.
In fact, this might just be the ICC's intention - propose the idea, have cricketing boards of member nations express scepticism over its workability, creating a stir over the issue and leave doubts lingering in its aftermath. If that's what it is, I think it is a master-stroke which will go a long way in instilling fear amongst the Salman Butts of cricket.

Darwinism and Dasavataramism

In yet another observation which suggests that science compliments religion, parallels can be drawn between Darwinism and age-old held beliefs of Hinduism.
The Dashavatars are a true sequential depiction of the evolution theory put forth by Charles Darwin.
The nine avatars of Lord Vishnu are as follows:
Matsyavatar - Fish
Kurmavatar - Tortoise
Varahavatar - Boar
Narasimhavatar - Half Man Half Lion
Vamanavatar - Dwarf Man
Parashuramavatar - Human Being
Ramavatar and Krishnavatar - advanced human beings
Kalki Avatar - yet to happen

According to the theory put forth by Darwin, life originated in the water. Matsyavatar - Fish
Reptiles and amphibians came next. Kurmavatar - Tortoise
Upgradation to the primitive land animal - Varahavatar - Boar
After herbivores had been around for some time, advent of the carnivores. Narasimhavatar - Half Man Half Lion
Advent of the first man - Vamanavatar - Dwarf Man
Arrival of the human being. Parashuramavatar - Human Being
Ram and Krishna are highly evolved versions of Homo sapiens. Ramavatar and Krishnavatar respectively

Darwin proposed his theory around 150 years back but I think the Puranas were here a tad earlier ;)
Sorry, Charles, but we got there first.